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Data Systems:

Ammirati & Puris. New York, 1995-97.

Human Resources database; Information Services Inventory database; Information Services Help Desk data system; Worldwide Executive Compensation system. New databases prototyped in Microsoft Access; some later upgraded to Microsoft SQL Server.

Mt. Sinai Medical Center Managed Care. New York, 1998-99.

Modification and upgrade to Physician Information database. New Recredential system and Network database. Microsoft Access.

E. D. & F. Man International, Inc. New York, 1998-2000.

Deal Management system for Energy Group. New database prototyped in Microsoft Access, for projected upgrade to Microsoft SQL Server. E-mail confirmation system now in development.

Essential Services & Programs. Woodbury, NY, 1997-2000.

Claims Management system developed in Microsoft Access.

Conversion Systems:

Americas Society. New York, 1996-97.

Upgrade of existing Microsoft Access database which reported data from Macola accounting system.

E. D. & F. Man International, Inc. New York, 1997-2000.

Payroll reconciliation system for Human Resources, transferring data from Ceridian payroll to Solaris-based accounting system. Capital transfer system for transferring data between the accounting systems of different financial institutions.

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